Mr. Bengt’s Wife at Railroad Playhouse

A New August Strindberg Play Premieres in the Hudson Valley.

Sunday, August 27- 2:00- $10 (All proceeds benefit the Railroad Playhouse new play development series.)

This summer’s theatrical event, the American premiere of Mr. Bengt’s Wife, by Sweden’s most famous playwright, August Strindberg, will have a staged reading at the Railroad Playhouse in Newburgh, NY on Saturday, August 27th, 2011 at 2PM.

Mr. Bengt’s Wife, newly translated by Laurence Carr and Malin Tybahl, and written in 1882 as a rebuttle to Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. The play utilizes realism, expressionism, melodrama, and dreamscape to tell the story of the rebellious Margit, whose quest to become an independent New Woman, catches her in a maze that bounces her from nunnery to castle, with a husband and two lovers vying for her attention.

The play is one of a series of new translations of the works of Strindberg created by the team of Laurence Carr, playwright and professor of Dramatic and Creative Writing at SUNY New Paltz, and Malin Tybahl, a NYC stage and film actress, theatre workshop director and native of Sweden. Their previous translation was Strindberg’s one-act comedy, Playing With Fire, a caustic look at infidelity and sexual identity. Other translations are currently in progress.

Mr. Bengt’s Wife will be directed by Railroad Playhouse Artistic Director, Seth Soloway, and will feature both NYC and Hudson Valley actors. The performance will begin at 2PM with a discussion about the play, lead by Laurence Carr beginning at 1PM.  Tickets are $10. Reservations are recommended and can be obtained from the Railroad Theatre website:

Featuring- Catia Ojeda, David Cohen, Evelyn Albino, Glenn Macken, Jeff Foley, Cate Fricke