Newburgh Real Estate: 103 Fullerton Ave

It’s been a while since we have looked at any real estate in the Colonial Terraces section of Newburgh. This corner home has some nice features like original built in cabinets. There are three bedrooms, and best of all, off street parking. Colonial Terraces is a neighborhood in the City of Newburgh that was built in 1917 to house workers of the Newburgh ship yards during Word War I. Check out the Colonial Terraces group page on facebook for old photos and memories of the area.

103 Fullerton Ave, Newburgh
Asking Price: $119,899
Year Built: 1918
Distance to NYC: 57.2 mi, 1 hour 8 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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