Swear and Shake Film Music Video in Newburgh

Photography by Allison Olszewski

Swear and Shake have chosen Newburgh as the site for their first ever music video! Look out for Thursday’s shoot during the day and then join celebration at the Rail Road Playhouse with the Alpha Male Gorillas! Tickets are just $10.

Thursday, October 27- 8PM

New York City-based quartet Swear and Shake have been applauded by critics and fans alike for their old-school, smoky, soulful vocals, taught harmonies, poignant lyrics and fun folk-pop. Check them out at www.Swearandshake.com.

AMG are the Godfathers and Illegitamite Fathers of the HeaVy Mellow sound. We’ll chill ya has hard as we’ll thrill ya– and the words and the music speak loud enough to kill ya.