Folk Music Hall of Fame Renderings and Plans

Front Elevation

Remember a while back in a Heard Around Town post there were rumors of a Folk Music Hall of Fame coming to Liberty Street? Well the plans just got a little more serious with the creation of renderings from River Architects, the same architects who brought you the design of the Wherehouse Restaurant. What do you think of the design? For those of you who have expressed interest in more modern architecture in the city, this design sure is different than your average 1900’s building. However, it’s almost certain that this building falls inside the historic district so, it will be interesting to see how the final design falls through.

The ideas look promising with an exhibit space, performance space, museum store, recording booths, and cafe. Liberty Street has many pending projects that are waiting to see initiation. Needless to say, if all of these plans can become a reality, things could really change.

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So what does the Folk Music Hall of Fame have to say about their plans? As far as the design of the building they say that “the innovative design is in keeping with similar projects around the world that incorporate as much of the original structure as possible while creating new and exciting functional spaces. The designing architectural firm River Architects will include the feedback from the ARC for the formal application.” And, if the orange exterior scares you, don’t be. According to archtiect James Hartford, “The orange in the image is not really supposed to be orange, but rather a natural wood color- but we had to jump up the contrast to make it stand out.

They plan to induct their first members this winter in a concert series, and are currently accepting donations of musical instruments, artifacts, and monetary contributions. The FMHF plans to benefit the community by presenting concerts and educational programs for persons of all ages. And they will provide instruments on loan to underprivileged children. They feel that Community Development through the Arts is a major component of revitalizing The City of Newburgh.

We’ll keep watching so stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, or by email updates. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.
Folk Museum Hall of Fame Newburgh

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  • Thanks for sharing this with the community Cher!

    The site is of course in the National Historic District- and we did design with that in mind. We feel that the appropriate response with a destroyed structure as this or on a clear site is to provide a design that fits in context through scale, massing, and street presence.

    In other words, not to confuse new construction with the authentic historic fabric, while not trying to upstage it, either. One enters into very murky waters when new designs blur the lines between what is authentic and what is fanciful.

    We presented our design to the Architectural Review Commission, who overwhelmingly expressed their enthusiasm. One member stated “this is a rare opportunity for us to talk about architecture, and not just triage” referring to the routine applications where they work to simply minimizing the damage.

    It is important to remember that the FMHF is meant to be a destination, and would fail if it blended into the woodwork. As Dar Williams said in her letter of support: “This is a case of here comes the neighborhood!” and pointed to the many once-blighted communities that she has seen while on tour blossom around such coffee houses and small scale cultural centers.

  • That would be amazing!

  • Wow!! I’m just getting caught up on the past couple of weeks of posts, so I’m seeing this for the first time now.

    I live right around the corner from the FMHF site, and as someone who believes very strongly in progress by way of combining modernism with restoration and preservation, I am very excited to see these plans.

    James, I am so please to hear that you have support from within the ARC. This quote from your comment, “…not to confuse new construction with the authentic historic fabric, while not trying to upstage it, either” really speaks to what I hope will happen in Newburgh when new construction is necessary.

  • Ok, here we are two years later, and there is a fundraiser for this project at the West Shore Station Playhouse (formerly the Railroad Playhouse)..on River Rd.

    Come out on Sat Nov 2 and show your support for this project! A little bit from each person makes a big difference for all!