Before and After: The Mid-Broadway Lot

Recently the Greater Newburgh Partnership, the Newburgh Community Land Bank and the City Council spearheaded a project to clean up the Mid-Broadway lot that has been the center of much talk over the past few years. Once populated by many buildings, the lot was almost entirely demolished to make way for the SUNY Orange campus that eventually was constructed in another location. Now, there have been talks to make this lot into a supermarket with office spaces above, and recent plans have included possibly making this site the headquarters for the Newburgh Police and Fire Departments. Following the clean-up the area was capped with topsoil, and hydroseeded. The next step planned for this lot will be to bring in more street lamps and security cameras. This is definitely a spot to keep your eye on. Whatever is decided for this land could have a huge impact on the city.


Pictures from the City of Newburgh

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  • Wonderful progress and a concerted effort by citizens and institutions that form the backbone of Newburgh. Do as we are doing in the Heights. Let the houses that have fallen into foreclosure sell for under the bank rate. Get good professional hard working people to take them over as buyers with a solid commitment to remain in the house. They will pay taxes, demand businesses in the city, starting with Liberty St. Neighbourhoods will revive. Just look at what Habitat has done with their 50 houses! After a number of home owners have transformed neighbourhoods, then petition to get the ferry running on weekends to hook us up with the train in Beacon. Newburgh on the go!

  • What’s going to happen with that building?

  • Went by there today and they planted about 10-15 evergreens, it looks really nice !!!!

  • I think so too, I wonder what the future holds for this space now?