3 Year Anniversary

Three years ago on Sunday Newburgh Restoration was born. Every time around this year, I like to take a look back and review the positive advances the City has made. A special thank you to those of you that help contribute to this blog via emails, tips, photos, encouragement, and more.

  • The Newburgh Brewing Company is moving full speed ahead with their construction. The brewing section will be open in a matter of weeks, and the tasting room will be open in a few months!
  • The Mid-Broadway Lot has been cleaned and has ideas swirling around about future construction to take place on the lot. A community group is looking at ways to improve quality of life by adding lighting and security to the area.
  • The Railroad Playhouse celebrated their first anniversary.
  • Habitat for Humanity dedicated it’s 50th restored home to the City of Newburgh adding nearly $9 million to the City of Newburgh’s assessed property values.
  • The Folk Music Hall of Fame produces renderings of what the museum will look like on Liberty Street
  • New art events come to the city such as Queen of the Hudson music series, and Newburgh Open Studios
  • A film is being produced documenting the restoration of the Ritz Theater
  • Music videos and films are using Newburgh as a backdrop
  • The Umbra Sound Stage opens, making it the closest stage between NYC and Syracuse.
  • Restoration of a Newburgh home makes the pages of This Old House Magazine
  • Newburgh hosts it’s first ever Triathlon bringing many new faces to discover the City
  • A report is released on the positive impact the Ritz Theater will have on Newburgh once restored.
  • Proposals were being accepted for a café storefront space of the Cornerstone Building.
  • LiberTea and Bric a Brac are new businesses to join Liberty Street
  • The Ritz Theater box office is complete! And the Ritz Theater is now part of the League of Historic American Theaters
  • A new business comes to the Newburgh Waterfront, a salon called The Art of Hair
  • Phase 2 is completed of the East Parmenter neighborhood
  • More raids are conducted in the city, cleaning up the streets
  • I began documenting abandoned properties in hopes that others would discover the architectural gems of Newburgh
  • Safe Harbors of the Hudson organizes a massive community clean up
  • Newburgh neighbors in the heights get together and restore a home to improve their community. It is now for sale
  • New night club the Dry Dock comes to Broadway
  • Newburgh is mentioned in the March/April 2011 edition of Preservation Magazine under “Transitions”
  • Classes begun this year at the new SUNY Orange Building Kaplan Hall
  • Billy Joe’s Ribworks opens on the Waterfront
  • The Westshore Trainstation is fully restored and hosts its grand opening
  • Last years tree at Rockefeller Center was used to build a Habitat home in the East Parmenter neighborhood
  • You can now take an audio tour of some of your favorite Newburgh landmarks
  • The Newburgh Armory marks its first year anniversary

I’m sure we all can’t wait to see what the new year will have in store for Newburgh. You can always check out the positive news section for any other articles published. Thanks to everyone, and don’t forget you can always follow up with updates via the blogs facebook fan page, twitter account, or emails.

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  • Congratulations! Your site was invaluable to us as we researched and fell in love with Newburgh. For a variety of complicated reasons we decided not to make the move to Newburgh and to relocate to Staten Island’s north shore instead, but the city remains close to our hearts and we will continue to follow the community’s progress. Thanks so much for keeping us posted on Newburgh’s good news!