The Importance of Small Businesses in Newburgh

According to the New York State Small Business Development Center, as of 2006, 99.1% of New York State businesses were small businesses. Many of these small businesses are located along Main Streets of towns and cities. Newburgh is no exception, especially since the business possibilities of Newburgh’s commercial districts are endless. There is Broadway, the Waterfront, Liberty Street, Williams Street, and tons of other storefronts tucked away on little corners of the city.

It’s important to acknowledge that these small businesses are the brick and mortar of small cities and the renaissances they hope to achieve. For that to happen we must all try to shop locally when possible to help boost our local economies. Also, shop owners must try to maintain set hours to provide customers with the assurance that they will be open when their services are required.

I constantly get emails about people wanting to support local businesses, but shops are unexpectedly closed or keep irregular hours. That is money going right down the drain and, decreases the likelihood of customers returning in the future. Help your business and help the community by setting firm operation hours for your business.

Just a few thoughts to keep in mind in the season of the year when everyone is shopping and consuming.