Scenic Art Studios Moves to Newburgh

Scenic Art Studios, a scene shop that paints most of the backdrops and scenery seen in Broadway productions, had an unfortunate event in which their shop burned down in the Mill Street fire in Cornwall. They have been painting scenery for about 20 years and still use some very traditional techniques. To be able to do their work they need huge uninterrupted space as can be seen in the photo above. The backdrops (on average 30′ x 40′) are stapled to the floor to paint. Newburgh was the first city to come to mind for Scenic Art Studios, probably due to the large industrial open spaces many buildings provide! They were able to sign a lease at the Regal Bag building and are hoping to make Newburgh their permanent home, perhaps purchasing a space in the future. Also, they love the history that is in Newburgh and hope to be a part of it’s restoration!

Susan Jackson who works for Scenic Art Studios had this to say,

“The artists in these photos are the core of our crew and some have been in the business for 20+ years. So far everyone is very excited about the new space and certainly looking at the silver lining. Our floor is about to be filled with new shows (which is why the search for a building was so pressing) and we are all pushing forward. We have nicknames for all of our locations and we are calling our new shop, lovingly, the Phoenix.”

Newburgh is definitely glad to have you! See below for more amazing photos of the work done at Scenic Art Studios.

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