Washingtons Headquarters Woman of History Award Goes to Stella Bailey

Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site announced that this year’s recipient of the Martha Washington Woman of History Award is history advocate, Stella Bailey.

Mrs. Bailey, co-founder of the Fort Montgomery Battle Site Association, has been involved and dedicated to preserving Hudson Valley History for over 50 years.  She has worked in all capacities in over 20 different organizations over these many years.  At present, she is the Executive Director and Financial Officer of the Fort Montgomery Battle Site Association; President of the Town of Highlands Historical Society for 32 years; and Town/Village Historian for 19 years.  Mrs. Bailey also finds time to write “Then and Now” columns for the local News and is busy with community projects such as the Senior Citizen’s Group, and the Local Development Corporation for Main Street revitalization.

The Fort Montgomery Battle Site Association is a Friends Group which supports the preservation and restoration of the Revolutionary Fort Battle Site,.  Opened to the public in 2001, is it now one of the State’s major tourism attractions in the area featuring a media room, conference room, and museum.

Mrs. Bailey will be added to the already esteemed list of previous winners of this award, including Janet Dempsey, local historian and author, Barbara Bedell,  TIMES-HERALD RECORD columnist, Mary McTamaney, City of Newburgh Historian and, most recently, Mara Farrell, community activist.

Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site presents the prestigious “Martha Washington Woman of History Award” as part of their annual Woman’s History Month program, “The General’s Lady”.  This event will take place on March 31st in Newburgh.  In addition to presenting this prestigious award, “The General’s Lady” includes a reception and a speakers’ program, starting at 1:00pm.  The program is open to the public.  For further details call 845-562-1195.

Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site is a registered national historic landmark.  It is located at the corner of Liberty and Washington Streets within the city of Newburgh’s East End Historic District.  The site is one of 35 historic sites within the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and is one of 24 facilities administered by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission in New York and New Jersey.  For further information contact: (845) 562-1195.  For more information about New York State Parks, please visit our website at www.nysparks. com.

Press release by Elyse Goldberg