Cash Mob in Newburgh Tomorrow at 2pm

A cash mob is when a local business is selected to be “mobbed”. A business is chosen for everyone in the community to shop at to help boost the local businesses of the community. Tomorrow will be the first cash mob in Newburgh. Meet up at the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street with $20 in your pocket ready to spend (or another amount) at 2pm. From there a local business will be selected for everyone to shop at. After that another business will be mobbed for celebratory drinks! This is a GREAT idea. Please pass this along to friends and family. It would be wonderful if this could become a regular thing in downtown Newburgh. Check out this news article on a cash mob in Chagrin, Ohio and the positive effects it had on it’s owners.

Of course the Newburgh Cash Mob is socially networked. Check out their website, facebook, and twitter!