Newburgh Restoration Mentioned on Brownstoner

If you follow this blog often then you will know that I also write for a blog called Upstater, showcasing Newburgh real estate to people who dream of leaving the overpriced real estate of NYC for upstate New York. Upstater also writes for Brownstoner, a hugely popular blog about Brooklyn real estate, architecture, and many other things. Today an article was written about brownstones up North and, Newburgh was on the list! I hope many people will get to discover Newburgh for the first time and all the great potential waiting to be cracked open! Newburgh really is an urban city with row homes, industrial spaces, different neighborhoods, history, and so much more.

Check out Newburgh on Brownstoner, maybe leave a comment or two.
Check out Upstater. Newburgh posts are featured every Monday.