Ritz Hosts Solo Art Exhibit “Transition” by Linda Richichi

Local artist Linda Richichi’s solo show “Transition” at the Ritz Theater in Newburgh, now through April, expands her well known plein air paintings to reflect her powerful intuitive insight. Richichi explores beyond the physical to connect with the spirit, revealing nature’s energy in all its mystery and beauty. Her paintings uncover a woman, perhaps a goddess, emerging on the edge of the horizon, hints of glorious angels peering from behind golden-lit clouds, horses storming through the sunset. Be prepared to experience a glimpse into the divine as Richichi beholds the sacred in nature.

For Richichi, this latest show represents her own transition as she goes from being a traditional plein air painter to an intuitive artist. Richichi has found that, “Intuition allows me to be immersed in a higher power energy, combining what is seen with the unseen. It means trusting that what is put before me is meant to be. And I do trust it because the more I let my intuition speak, the more my art touches people like no other work I’ve done before.”

It’s only appropriate that this unique show is housed in the Ritz Theater, 107 Broadway in Newburgh, a space that has been going through its own transition as a cultural destination for extraordinary talent in the Hudson Valley.
If you have ever looked at nature or marveled at the sky feeling there is more there than what the eye can see, Richichi’s show is a must. This exhibit at the Ritz is open daily from 9 – 5. For more information on Linda Richichi and her artwork, upcoming exhibits and intuitive art workshops visit www.lindarichichi.com.