New Art Exhibit Might Come to Ritz Theater Exterior

A campaign has been started to bring the above exhibit to downtown Newburgh on the exterior of the Ritz Theater. The photographs come from photographer Dmitri Kastrine. Mr. Kastrine has quite a resume which, includes photographs of cultural figures from Roy Lichtenstein to Johnny Cash, Ronald Dahl to Mick Jagger.

The goal is to raise $13,860 to make this possible. At 12:20 pm today there was $771 pledged. These pictures are going to be published by W. W. Norton in September. To coincide with the publication, the above mural is trying to be presented.

Mr. Kastrine has a blog of images that you can see, as well as a site for his Newburgh images. How do you think these portraits compare? And would you support this exhibit in downtown Newburgh? You can make donations here.


One Comment

  • Mr. Kastrine’s photos are an incredible glimpse into the people and lives of Newburgh residents.

    I don’t agree, however, with putting them up onto the facade of the Ritz. One of Newburgh’s draws for artists is it’s gritiness, it’s realness – installations such as these sort of force “an art” on an area (in my opinion).

    A show within the Ritz (rather than on it) would be much better suited.