Baby Eel Project Needs Volunteers This Sunday

The Newburgh Rowing Club needs volunteers (you don’t have to be an NRC member!) to join them this Sunday March 25, at 9:30 a.m. for the eel and herring monitoring. They will meet up with the Quassaick Creek Water Alliance members at the WareX parking lot next to the Quassaick Creek, Cornwall.

This project will be going on for 6 to 8 weeks, early to mid-May. The times for the monitoring will change since they would like to do the monitoring during low tide thus, they will be following the local Hudson River tide chart. If you have chest waders, bring them. The DEC will supply a few pairs. After taking the baby eels known as glass eels out of the trap, they will count and weigh 15 of them. Yesterday, the volunteers counted 1987 eels! Also, they will need people to count herring for 15 minutes as they swim by a particular spot in the stream. Call this number for more information: (845)-889-4745 ext. 107 or see their facebook page.

-Photographed here are Poughkeepsie High School students working on the Baby Eel Project of the Quassaick Creek Water Alliance