Pictures of Newburgh Brewery Grand Opening After Party

It was crowded waaay before the event officially started.  We got there at 5pm and it was packed.  There were several chafing dishes of free food in the back (a sample of Wherehouse appetizers, yum!) and the beers were indeed “sessionable.”  They’re light, and I’ve dubbed them the “drink and drive” beers – but, you know, don’t drink and drive.  I can’t wait to visit the brewery when they finally open to the public in late May.

One Comment

  • Thanks Sherry – Newburgh Restoration was such an early supporter, and we appreciate how much time you’ve dedicated to covering every step of the brewery’s path towards opening.

    Sorry we didn’t get to chat on Thursday night!

    And yes – our beers are delicious and sessionable – but no less in flavor than our bigger, bolder, imperial brothers.

    As these pictures show, we think one of the best things about the night was how happy everyone was. You had a large number of people that were hanging out on the street, and there were no problems – everyone was just having a great time. A good night for Newburgh!

    All the best –