How The Architectural Review Commission Approves Newburghs New Murals

There have been few comments made about application of murals on historic buildings in Newburgh. The ARC does not approve the subject matter of the mural, only that the appropriate materials are used in the application and or placement of the mural on a historic property. They have to make sure that the paint won’t have an adverse affect on the brick causing it to fluoresce and deteriorate leading to problems. The ARC also needs to be sure that the process is reversible so that it may be removed in the future without causing issues. You may want a mural on the building but the next owner may not. So in the case with the new murals being painted, they should be removable.

As in the case with the mural on the side of the Ritz Theater, the placement of the mural is on a new wall. The original historic mural to the right is protected by historic district guidelines. That can not be touched, as it has not been in this case. If citizens wish to discuss the subject matter of the murals, then the Arts Commission would have to be re-formed.

So for now, enjoy the new murals that will be popping up around the city. You can see more photos of the mural above by going to Safe Harbors of the Hudson’s Facebook Fan Page.

-Picture from SHOH Facebook Fan Page

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