Before and After: Nora Cronin Presentation Academy

If you live in the Heights Neighborhood, you surely are familiar with this building at 69 Bay View Terrace. It used to be a dilapidated graffiti magnet, and today it is an all girls private catholic academy. Newburgh Restoration posted about it in Dec. 2010, and already there were huge improvements made.

Minuta Architecture drew up the plans for the site. Some of the upgrades to the structure that were mentioned were: raising the entire building off the original foundation, energy efficiency by upgrading the windows and insulation, adding to the structure, and well as obvious major cosmetic repairs. What can be seen today is a beautiful restoration and reuse of a grand Newburgh home.

If you’d like to share your own before and after project to your home, feel free to contact me.


Photos from Minuta Architecture and Rob Yasinsac

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  • WOW!! What an amazing transformation! Hard to believe it’s the same building. I wish everyone who thinks of buying a new home in the area would instead invest the same money in renovating an old house in the city. In actuality, it probably costs a lot less to gut and renovate an old house than it does to build a brand new one. If enough people did this, maybe we could start to bring the city back to its former glory.

  • Well said Colleen. A few houses restored like this on each block will put Newburgh in the right direction. Hopefully this example will inspire others!