Before and After: Lander and Farrington Lot

This is a before and after look at a lot located on Lander and Farrington that was completed by the Greater Newburgh Partnership. The after shot looks ten times better, and if you go to their Facebook Fan Page, you can see all the community members pitching in! Great job!

Pictures from Greater Newburgh Partnership Facebook Fan Page

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  • That vacant lot was where I grew up! My parents owned that house that was on that lot. It was 125 Lander St. The area was just so beautiful. Many great memories there. Last time I was there the entire area was a disaster. So glad to see the work being done in Newburgh. It is a shame that corruption brought a beautiful city down. Love your website, new memories every time Iget your newsletter.
    Alex Cuevas
    Now living in Magnolia, Texas

  • I am Alex’s brother. I now live in North Carolina and wholeheartedly agree with Alex. That house had many memories for us and the first time I returned after it was knocked down into its basement, I cried. that neighborhood was so great to grow up in and the brutal act of destroying that house was a crime. I have the stories about Newburgh, especially in the NYT, and find it hard to believe that the city is so corrupt and unsafe. Certainly there must be someone who cares enough to fight so their children can grow up in a beautiful city like Alex and I grew up in. I admire your efforts and Alex keeps me posted, I find it hard to review on a regular basis what has happened to my hometown.

  • Unfortunately these empty lots are a common trend in Newburgh. It’s sad to see a house torn down… and even sadder when nothing is built back in it’s place.