Newburgh Restoration in the June Chronogram

Two Newburgh based articles were featured in the Chronogram June issue. The first article, Newburgh and Cornwall, Rollin’ on the River takes you through the history of Newburgh, as well as a few of the current businesses and people making strides in Newburgh. Yours truly was also interviewed.

One thing that I said that didn’t make the article that I want to share is that I think that Newburgh is ready for a generation that isn’t marred or intimidated by Newburgh’s past. A wave of people of all different backgrounds and ages that will respect the past but look at the City of Newburgh and say, “Wow, what can I create here?” It reminds me of parts of NYC where 20-40 years ago you wouldn’t be caught dead in, and now families stroll the sidewalks and businesses flourish. Or neighborhoods that were full of abandoned buildings that, one by one have been meticulously restored. The same can happen to Newburgh and it’s on it’s way. The city will need risk takers and creative thinkers to make it the beautiful Hudson Valley metropolis it once was. That brings us to the next article about the newest Newburgh risk takers, the duo of the Newburgh Brewery.

Under the title Local Notables: Christopher Basso and Paul Halayko, the article talks about Paul and Chris who are childhood friends, each with their own specialty, one a brew master and the other with a background in finance. Here are some of my favorite quotes in regards to their feelings on Newburgh:

“The brewing duo also hopes the brewery can help revitalize Newburgh. One of the things that most intrigued us about the city of Newburgh is the fact that we as a company could play a role in the overall cultural and economic revitalization of the city of Newburgh. We were all excited about that and in particular Chris was, having come from the Brooklyn Brewery and just seeing what the Brooklyn Brewery did for Williamsburg.”

“Basso always thought Newburgh would be an ideal spot for some type of culinary-related business. “I always thought Newburgh would be a great place to do something.””

– Photo taken from the Chronogram Magazine, June 2012, photographer not mentioned

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