Brooklyn Furniture Company Moves to Newburgh

A few months back, we took a look at some industrial buildings at 102 South William Street for sale. One of them has sold and soon Newburgh will be home to Atlas Industries, a high end furniture maker. Joseph Fratesi and Thomas Wright formed the design and manufacturing firm in 1993. Here are some of the details and plans of Atlas Industries move to Newburgh.

Their new space is 60,000 sq. ft. about 10 times bigger than their current work space. So what will they do with all the new space? Wright says that they want to stretch out a bit, making plans for different projects such as ceramics and concrete casting. They are also thinking about expansion, and attracting other businesses to the building. They envision creating a community of businesses and individuals working on interesting things such as: design, art, architecture, engineering, wine making, culinary arts and the like. For now they plan on doing small renovations to the building, adding in partition walls, plumbing and electric work. In the future they have ideas of adding a living roof. One desire expressed was to open up the windows. It looks like many of been painted or covered with blocks. What an attractive building it would be to have beautiful windows installed!

Wright and Fratesi are no strangers to Newburgh. They are both residents of Beacon and have been admiring the architectural assets of Newburgh for quite some time now. Newburgh gives them a chance to work closer to where they want to live, own the building that they work in, and grow their business, both literally and figuratively. It is something that other entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of in Newburgh also.

Their knowledge and connection to Newburgh also reflect their future desire for the City. Wright and Fratesi would both like to see a connection of Broadway to the Waterfront. “The neighborhoods erased through urban renewal were once thriving mixtures of residential and commercial, on both sides of the river. Reconnecting Broadway to the waterfront would help heal the city from what is essentially an amputation, which created two separate urban zones, that do not work together to create a whole“.

For the duo, some attractive features of the city were seeing other businesses like Thornwillow Press, owned by Luke Ives Pontifell. “I am very happy to have him and his business as our neighbor. He loves working in Newburgh, and it shows. You start to look around and see lot’s of people working away happily in Newburgh. That sort of thing is attractive to us“. They want their building to be an asset to the city and community, and something residents can be proud of.

You can purchase Atlas Industries furniture directly through their site, or by calling them at  718-596-5045.

-Top photo from Atlas Industries Website


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