Art Gallery Fundraiser with Sight Set on Opening a New Gallery in Newburgh

Will Teran Newburgh

For the past 2 years Will Teran has been on a personal mission to push the revitalization of Arts & Culture in Newburgh and across the Hudson Valley.

This Saturday at DGAF Gallery 428 main street Beacon NY at 6pm will be a fundraiser for a project called: The Negative Space Artist Initiative. It essentially entails opening a media co-op in the City of Newburgh; a creative space that would be open to local artists to help promote arts awareness and act as a home base to work collaboratively on several Newburgh aesthetic projects with other artists from the Hudson Valley.

Will’s philosophy is that as long as he is in Newburgh he will do all he can to help generate all forms of positive energy to the community as well as breaking the barrier of fear against Newburgh.

The gallery will be featuring new work by: Will Teran – V’nessa Tzavellas – Catello Somma

DJ Far East will be in house spinning till 10.

*Pieces by Will Teran will be sold as low as $25 upwards $2K

– Above art work by Will Teran