Rescue Me – 86 Lander

A solitary building somewhere in Newburgh. Feel free to comment if you know the exact location. I can’t remember.

Newburgh is New York State’s second largest historic district after NYC. Newburgh literally has hundreds of dilapidated and abandoned buildings just begging for someone to come scoop them up and restore them. I’ll continue to post my own photos, but if you have a particular building you would like to see saved, email me the photo of any building you appreciate that you would like to see rescued!

Here’s a photo of what it looks like a few weeks later. Things are falling apart.

86 Lander Newburgh

-Photo by Newburgh Restoration Reader

One Comment

  • I believe this is about 89 Lander Street about half way down the block from 3rd Street. The city has owned/warehoused it for at least 10 years. This is the result of incompetent city government. No plans, no marketing, abject indifference to the preservation of the fabric of the historic district. Now these properties will be handed to another set of bandits in the name of “progress” who will profit from the city’s neglect, build inappropriate plastic houses (thanks to the anemic ARC headed by a hospital lackey) that will forever flush respect of history down the toilet.