Movie Pre-Pilot Filmed at Newburgh Crawford House

If you are a fan of the Newburgh Historical Society on Facebook, then you’d know that last week a historical film pre-pilot was being shot at the Crawford House. Volunteers filmed with Robert Sabuda using the story of the Crawford Family.

As part of the filming they reenacted scenes of David, his wife and daughters in the house in the 1850’s. Director Johanna Porr played the eldest daughter in the wedding scene and Michael Gabor played the role of a house painter showing color swatches to Mrs. Crawford.

The show, which will be be about historic homes and families will be pitched to a few networks. The idea is to shop the pre-pilot around to get money to do an actual pilot from a large production company. It would be exciting to see the Crawford House on the big screen! More information is available in this article from the HV Press.

-All Photos © Historical Society of Newburgh Bay & The Highlands