Interior Photo Tour: 197 1st Street

Back in February this house was featured in a real estate post. There were no interior photos and from the outside you couldn’t really imagine what the interior looked like at all. Well, if you imagine that it needs a lot of work you are definitely right. But you probably did not imagine all of the original beautiful details waiting to be restored. Graphic designer, Catherine Mouttet went on a house tour and shares her photos for you to take a look, and hopefully fall in love too.

The front entrance has a marble diamond patterned floor. All it needs is some shining up to look like a million dollars! The original doors need repair. Let’s hope that nobody trashes them and adds in generic doors instead!

Here are the stairs, banister and a glance of the floor. Don’t let the floor scare you. Check out the stairs in this Brooklyn Limestone and how they were restored. There is so much potential in those floors!

Another look at the floors. If you look carefully in both photos you can see the spiral scroll design that was done along the borders of the hallway. Again, don’t be afraid of the floors! Here are the links again. Click here and here to see amazing floor makeovers.

The house also has these gorgeous ceiling medallions that need a little restoration. There are a ton of websites out there that can tell you how to do this, but here is a link to the National Park Service Government website. It involves creating a mold.

There are also a lot of interesting curves in the windows and doorways. The peeling paint might be a sign of a leaky roof or exposure to the elements. It looks like the entire house will need new windows or perhaps the windows can be restored by replacing the window panes.

There are some definite signs of neglect and vandalism. All the more reason to save this house before further damage is done.

And there are a lot of stairs. There are many more interesting nooks and crannies to discover in this home. If you are interested buying antique doors and other details, check out the Habitat ReStore over on Washington.

-Photos © Catherine Mouttet