1986 Restoration Rendering of the City Club

While digging through some old Evening News articles, I came across this rendering done to restore the City Club in 1986. They are by Frank Taylor, architect of Marlboro. The accompanying article by city historian of the time, Helen Vernooy Gearn, gives some wonderful history of the City Club and the efforts that were made to restore it, and its ultimate destruction. There is also a great amount of information about the destruction of the Newburgh Waterfront. The article is titled Old City Club has had its Ups and Downs.

The shell of the City Club still exists. Maybe one day it will be restored to this image we see here.

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  • As a person who grew up in the city and watched with sadness it’s decline I feel sometimes when I see the restoration efforts of private individuals a hope for the future. Seeing Newburgh from the forties to it’s decline in the sixties was heart rendering. I yearn for its previous beauty lost to ignorance of our politicians. I am distraught that I am too old to contribute to its rebirth physically. I have thought that maybe I can convince my union brothers to contribute their time to the restoration of the city club.
    It would be great for the city and would represent the union’s appreciation to the city for it’s years of support to the livelihoods of it’s members. Maybe something can come of this.

  • Bernard, that would be amazing if you could achieve that!