Writer Actor Director Restoring Home in Newburgh

It has been heard around town that writer, actor and director Robert Fontaine Jr. is restoring a house in Newburgh. You might remember him from General Hospital, Santa Barbara or As the World Turns. Nowadays he’s writing and directing and has started his own production company Industrial House Films.

Fontaine went before the ARC in March 2012 to “replace windows; repair brick work and entry doors; repair and restore cornice and eaves; remove old wood paneling and replace with fixed barn doors; install stockade fence”.

Fontaine is a New Yorker, born in Brooklyn. It is going to be exciting to see the restoration work done on this home in a section of Newburgh that has many homes in need of rescuing. The neighboring house is vacant and decaying. It will be magnificent one day if someone can restore it as well. Check out homes just a stone throws away from Fontaine’s that need to be rescued. Maybe he’s the catapult this side of the city has been in need of? St. Luke’s Hospital offers a $10,000 grant for hospital employees buying homes in a certain radius around it. This hospital is just one block away. Mount St. Mary College also offers a $10,000 grant for employees and a $7,500 grant for everyone else.