Habitat Helps at the Holden Home

Holden Home Newburgh

Two years ago 71-85 Grand Street was the location a of the film “Return” in Newburgh. It was listed on the market, and today it is home to the Hope Center of Ecclesia Ministries of Newburgh. Habitat Newburgh volunteers lent a hand with the restoration of the historic Holden Home. If you become a fan of the facebook page you can see a lot more photos than the ones shown here. For now here are some photos that show amazing historic details. Whoever took these pictures did a great job!

The front room/lobby was divided into two to make a bedroom. Now, the wall comes down and the works begins of scrapping away all that wallpaper! Become Habitat for Humanity’s Fan on Facebook to see more projects like these around the City of Newburgh.

– All photos via Habitat for Humanity’s Fanpage on Facebook