Chance to Contribute to New Indoor Newburgh Mural – City Life

You have the opportunity to be a part of a new Newburgh indoor mural that will be composed of an estimated amount of 1,000+ photos. It is supposed to reflect all that is the City of Newburgh.

There is the chance to have your photo taken to be included in the mural Monday September 17, 2012, 2-5 PM at the corner of Johnston and Broadway. All participants will be required to agree to and sign a Community Photo Project / Photo Release which you can find on their website.

You can also submit your own photo of an individual, group or scene. Photos submitted by an individual will be scanned for use and returned to the individual, upon request.  Photos may also be submitted via email in .jpg format, but will not be used unless a completed Community Photo Project /Photo Release has been provided. See website for more details

Project Contact: J. Gurda, 280 Broadway, Newburgh, New York 12550