Ramble at WHQ: Strange Medicine

Ramble over to Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site, in Newburgh, on Saturday, September 22nd or Sunday, September 23rd for a special program entitled “Strange Medicine: Dental and Medical Practices in the Age of Washington.” This Hudson River Valley Ramble event, beginning at 1:00 PM will deal with Revolutionary War medicine and the second program, starting at 2:00 PM will touch upon George Washington and dentistry, answering that age old question, “Were George’s false teeth wooden?” The hours are the same for both days. House tour admission fee includes this program.

The following weekend, Saturday, September 29th and Sunday, September 30th, Washington’s Headquarters will cover the topic “The Officer’s Pride. This, too, is a Hudson River Valley Ramble event taking place at 1:00 PM and again at 2:00 PM both days. At 1:00 PM, hear how Washington effectively utilized dinner invitations to his officers as a means of administering to the needs of the Continental Army. At 2:00 PM, learn what turmoil was experienced by officers as the Revolutionary War drew to a close. House tour admission fee includes this program.

The tent for both events has been generously provided by Classic Tent and Party Rentals, South Street, Newburgh, NY.

Call 845-562-1195 for further details or directions.