Newburgh Article in the NY Post

“Everything changes. Even Newburgh”. That is part of the title of a recent article written about Newburgh in the New York Post. The writer took a trip to visit the Newburgh Brewery and was surprised to find the brewery in an ideal location and the interior to be the “envy of many a beer hall proprietor”. His article doesn’t ignore Newburgh’s blight, but it is hopefully for what the future will bring.

You can read the article for yourself, but here are some of the best parts:

“With the opening of this new brewery, Newburgh, after fumbling its way through some rather tepid riverfront redevelopment, is finally on the van for real”.

“It was inevitable, honestly, when you consider that it was right across the Hudson not too many years ago that DIA took over a warehouse on the Beacon waterfront…”

“Back in Newburgh, sitting by the window and sipping on that peat-smoked porter, surrounded by happy people of all ages, I could see it happening all over again down here. Sometimes, a place to drink beer is so much more than that”.

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