Local Photographer Gathers Artists at Dutch Reformed Church for Historic Photo


This past weekend commercial photographer Ruedi Hoffman was in Newburgh photographing artists that were part of the Newburgh Open Studios tour. The photos taken of the artists are not out yet, but this amazing photo at the Dutch Reformed Church was leaked on instagram via David Burnett. Burnett does work for National Geographic and snapped this photo and posted it to instagram. Isn’t it gorgeous and sad all at the same time? There are over 13,000 likes and many comments share the same theme: restore Newburgh, a beautiful piece of architecture etc.

Ruedi Hofmann has recently moved to Newburgh and is committed to its revival.  The Newburgh Preservation Association, which is overseeing the DRC restoration in partnership with the city, worked with Ruedi to make it happen. The ceiling recently collapsed. It will take a lot of money to rehabilitate the building. If you’d like to lend a hand in saving the DRC click here. We will be on the look out for the artist photos. It’s great to see that Newburgh is making headlines for positive reasons.

Photo © David Burnett, Instagram

One Comment

  • The story headline and the first paragraph of this article are completely inaccurate. The photo shoot was a collaboration between the Newburgh Open Studio tours, the NPA and photographer Ruedi Hofmann. Mr. Hofmann photographed a group portrait of all the artists involved in the tour at the Dutch Reform Church. Mr. Burnett was there as one of the artists. He was not on assignment to photograph the church. After the portrait was finished Mr. Burnett posted an instagram image on NatGeo site. National Geographic was not involved in the shoot what so ever.

    It is great that the church is getting recognition however. Perhaps this will be the catalyst to save it from ruin….