Newburgh Restoration Receives Award for Outstanding Service to Preservation in Newburgh

Thank you to the Newburgh Preservation Association for the award they presented me with last night for “Outstanding Service to Preservation in Newburgh”. It was really great meeting so many of you who loyally follow the blog and who also shared so many kind words. Writing this blog really just makes me happy, but it was nice to receive a little recognition for the hard work that it takes to make it happen. It motivates me to try to make 2013 even better! Thank You.

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  • A well-deserved honor, Cher! Everyone at NPA is grateful for your tireless efforts advancing the cause of preservation in Newburgh.

  • Cher, so well-deserved! The congratulations should go to the NPS for honoring you!

    On a different note, re the group of film makers hoping to establish a presence in the HV:
    There is a very good video in today’s New York Times on the pros and cons of filming tax breaks in NYC. Search for “On Location in New York City” at Also, check out:,

    a disheartening but very well researched article on setting up a film studio in Michigan.
    Another good story in this past week’s Times: the town in Georgia (?) which has opened itself up to film makers and is doing quite well.
    I would email all of these stories directly to the HV film group or directly to you, but I don’t know either of your direct email addresses. In future, is there any way I can contact you other than commenting on the day’s story?