New Exhibit is a Hit at Washington’s Headquarters

At a special Ribbon Cutting preview, guests got a glimpse of the new exhibit “Unpacked & Rediscovered: Selections from Washington’s Headquarters’ Collection.” Those attending the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, which took place November 28, were more than a little awed by the spectacle of seeing over 1,300 artifacts once again housed in the stately 1910 Georgian Revival-style Museum, which had been closed for almost two years of renovation.

“Unpacked & Rediscovered” is a compilation of artifacts collected since 1850, when the historic farmhouse, used by General and Mrs. Washington, opened as the first publicly owned historic site in the nation. The exhibit includes Revolutionary War muskets, swords, and a knapsack, epaulets worn by Lt. Augustus Van Horne Ellis during the Civil War, the Nuremburg Kitchen, consisting of over 100 miniature pieces of cooking utensils, numerous commemorative medals and plates featuring Newburgh and its local history, and international artifacts given over the years, to list just a few items. It’s an eclectic collection reflecting diversity of interests and highlighting examples of the grass roots of the American preservation movement.

Go for a visit today!

-Press release by Karen Monti