Newburgh Restoration Seeking Contributor/Writer for Blog

Newburgh Restoration is seeking another writer/contributor who can commit to at least one blog posting per week. We would really love to further expand the revitalization of Newburgh by showcasing everyday Newburgh lifestyle. That includes blogging and taking pictures about local happenings all around the City.

Newburgh is just like any other city with micro neighborhoods, amazing food, mom and pop shops and a burgeoning art scene. What are the everyday things that make Newburgh a cool place to live/be? Why should other people come here to buy and fix up a home? What is the latest revitalization efforts happening on your block? These are all things we’d love to represent on the blog, further alluring people to the City of Newburgh.

If you have been reading this blog for quite some time and really “get” what Newburgh Restoration is about, please email with a writing sample or let us know why you would be a great contributor. This is an unpaid position but your blog posts will have a greater impact on Newburgh than you can imagine. Here are my 2 favorite comments/emails I’ve received this week:

“Hi Cher –
I just clicked through an Apartment Therapy comment and found your website. I live in Salt Lake City, a long way from Newburgh, but I just have to say–thanks for doing some good in the world! You are not only rebuilding homes, but rebuilding a community and hope as well. If there are a lot more people like you in Newburgh, it must be a pretty great place.
I don’t know a thing about Newburgh, but next time I go through New York on my way to visit my folks in Maine, I will definitely go out of my way to check it out. Since I was little, every time I see a beautiful, neglected old house or building, I fix it up in my mind. I hope someday it will become a reality.
Anyway, just couldn’t let this one go by without expressing appreciation for what you are doing. Keep it up!



“Thank you so much for sharing. I must confess, in recent times I have been crushing from afar off on Newburgh, but I have yet to visit. I believe in revitalization projects- can be challenging especially during the incubation phase, and in instances where crime seems rampant. I cannot help but recall Bed-Stuy, where years ago, few wanted to venture – fast forward to today, where real estate is at a premium. Lived in NYC, moved to Albany, however, it is not my favorite place to be…I will definitely check back here to monitor the winds of change in Newburgh. Thanks for providing this platform!