Search for Joesph Mitchell’s Daughter

5126062777_8d06a51e12 -Broadway, Newburgh 1960’s

Johanna Porr, director of the historical society is on a mission. See below for her plea and how you can help:

Years ago my father, former City Manager (1990’s), was contacted by a woman who was former City Manager Joseph Mitchell’s (early 1960’s) daughter in North Carolina.  She was writing her memoirs about the time she spent in Newburgh and looking for historical information to support her story.  They corresponded a few brief times but lost touch.  This year at the historical society we are planning a fifty year retrospective of NBC’s White Papers and the aftermath of the national attention that it drew after it aired in 1962.  I’m searching now for Mitchell’s daughter so that we can invite her back to be involved with this event on May 19th.  Does anybody remember her name or know her current location?
Johanna Porr,

-Photo via flickr user UpNorth Memories – Donald (Don) Harrison