Creative Minds Meet in Newburgh


This past Saturday was a meeting of the creative minds of Newburgh. Over 30 people attended the small event which is a preview of larger events to come. The purpose of the gathering was to meet and exchange ideas with others who are trying to revitalize the City of Newburgh. We had a moment where we all introduced ourselves to the group and what our purpose was in Newburgh.

It was great meeting some many people, all with individual passions. As one person said, it was a meeting over 20 years in the making. Many in attendance have been in Newburgh for decades, and others still trying to make the decision to call Newburgh home. The majority of those present were artists or involved in other creative endeavors. But there were also actors, lawyers, doctors, architects, business owners and more. If this would be an event that you would be interested in attending there will be a larger scaled event held at the Newburgh Brewery Friday, April 26th 7pm-10pm. RSVP here.

**This event would also be ideal for new people looking to move to Newburgh and want to make a connection or learn about the community first before moving. You will never find more Newburghers in one spot wanting to meet and share with you!


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  • Thanks to Eric J. and Hannah & Bruno for organizing this event. Creative energy emanating from creative, diverse individuals can make a difference with like attracting like. It was a great chance for people to meet and find out how to follow up so we all know what others are doing and where we can collaborate.

  • This is the first of many mixers intended to sustain active, forward-looking, creative collaborative efforts in Newburgh and neighboring areas.

    The April 26th event is expected to be a major mixer, but ultimately, the goal is for small groups to coalesce and produce BIG results in this city!

    Please sign up for the meetup and engage your friends and colleagues!

    …”this is our moment!”…Newburgh!

  • Wish I had known about Saturday’s event. Will see you in April!