Exciting Progress at Atlas Industries Building Rehab


The new rehabbed interiors at Atlas Industries look like a Scandinavian interior design spread in Dwell Magazine. So much has changed from the floors to the ceilings, windows and walls. If you remember what the space looked like back in September 2012 you can appreciate all the work that has been done.


The windows were previously covered by concrete blocks. Each window pane was replaced one by one. So far they have replaced approximately 600 of the 7,000 window panes. Doesn’t it look amazing? It turns out other people think so too, and last year a wedding was hosted in the space.

2013-01-07 16.08.23

Atlas Industries has various plans in the future for their building, including renting out space to other businesses in the creative industries, a living green roof and maybe even an art gallery. First though, they need to come up with a great name for the building. It’s exciting seeing their vision gradually become a reality.

2013-01-07 16.08.56

Photos © Meredith Heuer

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