Newburgh Business Profile: R.I.M. Plumbing and Heating Supply, Inc

newAs I continue to discover  some of Newburgh’s special treasures,  one that I have recently found is located at 2-8 Johnes Street (at the corner of Renwick Street).  R.I.M. Plumbing and Heating Supply, Inc. has long been a valued “go-to” resource for many contractors  and savvy residential customers for their  kitchen and bath renovations and restoration needs in addition to the extensive heating and plumbing supply inventory  for quite a long time.   Family owned and operated since 1970, this expansive 75,000 sq foot warehouse (with a great urban presence could just as easily be at home in SOHO or Williamsburg in NYC)  is perfectly at home here in Newburgh and  also houses an absolutely beautiful showroom that is open to the public and features a vast variety of bath and kitchen items and accessories to compliment and customize your historic rowhouse, Victorian or apt decor, no matter what style and period.


I spoke to the company president,Mr.  Richard Campbell, who over the decades  has had a front row seat to witness the highs and lows of Newburgh and the ebbs and flows of the economy and its effects on the city. Through it all he has stood solid, yet cautiously optimistic, at the helm of his company and the role it plays to the city and this strategic location. But he expressed he has never been just a bystander and has personally been involved in numerous restoration projects thru-out the city.  He is pleased with the artistic movement that the city is seeing and some of his properties have been home to the members of the creative community. In fact just a few blocks away, he currently is in the process of rehabbing a 3 family property  at 128 South William Street (at the corner of South Landers St).

Being part of Newburgh’s  revitalizing future  is also reflected by his assistant, Ms Veronica Negron. Veronica has been part of Mr Campbell’s team at R.I.M. since 2008.  She shared with me that she is a major Newburgh advocate and has personally volunteered her time at the Re-Store on Washington Street for Habitat for Humanity during the summer. She was also enthusiastic to tell me that personal friends of hers recently acquired and are in the process of restoring a brownstone style home  that overlooks Washington’s Headquarters.


So whether a DIYer like myself, a residential homeowner, a landlord or a contractor, you’ve got to visit this fantastic Newburgh resource that has been orchestrative to the city’s on-going revitalization, and a valued presence to the Hudson Valley…and beyond for over 40 years with their 5 locations. Visit them at or on facebook. They also have some promotions and flyers that can be viewed on their website and can fit a variety of renovation and rehab budgets and needs.


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  • You’re very welcome…thanks for enjoying and I hope you visit the site often! It is so “vital” to a city like Newburgh that is revitalizing to have a supply and service resouce that offers such an important component for those that are rehabbing and repairing their homes with an “easy reach” destination right in the core of the city . Again, Thank you for taking the time to read about it!

  • Thank you for taking the time to read my post (and visiting the site) Hope you return often to follow Newburgh’s journey toward revitalization.. It is so important for a city like Newburgh to have a supply and service resource like this. With all the restoration, rehab and repairing needs in the city, having an asset like this located right in the city core and within easy reach for all is so valuable. Again, thanks for reading!

  • My uncle Peter works at Lowes sometimes in the plumbing dept and he says barely a day goes by without him having to send someone to RIM for specialty supplies that the chains don’t carry.

  • Hi Johanna…thanks for sharing that information. A worthwile option for someone who is considering some rehab and repairs to check R.I.M. out first. Also introducing those newly arriving Newburgh “DIYers” to a long established local (and convenient) resource as a potential “go-to-place” is a win win situation for everyone!! Again, thanks for reading the post too!!

  • Well Just got off of the phone with RIM not sure who I spoke with. But asked about them carrying an item, I was told they do have it but it wont be there until tomorrow. Ok next logical question how much does it cost. Here my call turned for the worse I was told either I wanted it or not he wouldn’t tell me the price and that either I supported local business or i could just but it online. I’m sorry I don’t roll in cash and need to know how much something costs so i can either A save up or B check other options. Anyway that said I called Albro HVAC also in Newburgh got the price of the item and I will be buying from them instead.

    • Playing the devil’s advocate here, as you didn’t state what the item was…by and large, RIM services the local commercial professionals whose business is providing their clients with product installations (this policy relates more to their mechanical line vs their fixtures). Providing pricing and/or the product to an end consumer potentially undercuts this business model and the benefits it provides in terms of warranty.