Wholeshare Food Co op Coming to Newburgh

diagramThe latest discussions about the availability of healthy food in the City of Newburgh has been a hot topic. Plans for a supermarket on Broadway are still very much up in the air. In the meanwhile, a great new plan has been started up to bring fresh and local produce to the City.

Wholeshare allows people to order food online as part of a group which increases purchasing power and lowers cost. The food is also very fresh since it has not been sitting on a grocery shelf for a long period of time. Previously Newburghers looking to join a food co-op had to go to Beacon. It is very exciting to witness what the creative minds of Newburgh are coming up with.

Joining is FREE. Click here to join the Newburgh Wholeshare group. The site also contains in informative video of how Wholeshare groups work. If this becomes popular enough it could pave the way for a permanent market storefront in Newburgh. Super exciting! There is also a survey that the Newburgh Wholeshare group would like you to fill out to better understand the needs of Newburgh.

For further questions you can read Wholeshare’s FAQ’s page, or contact the organizer Noel: newburghfoodco@gmail.com, 845 418 6024

Share this with all of your friends in the City of Newburgh who want fresh, healthy and local food!

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