Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Productive Businesses

102Viewpoint: As some of you who may follow my posts here know, my first face to face encounter with Newburgh occurred late last year.  One of the things that drew me to the area (and hence purchase a property), of course, is its amazing urban/historic housing that just happens to also be surrounded by jaw dropping natural  beauty. But, even more important was seeing it’s vast potential to become something greater than it’s current self, which I obviously know I am by far not alone with this observation.

I am also not alone in my observation that for this City to become “greater” it also has to involve Newburgh’s commercial areas becoming more functional, more interactive with the day to day needs of it’s residents and more productive in creating an environment that will continue to draw those that first and foremost, want to invest and  live here. Secondarily (but also having great importance) the ability to lure those people “up the hill”  from the trendy and wonderful waterfront and still try to marry it to that asset at the same time.


Hence, my post today concentrates on the amazing potential of the Liberty Street commercial corridor. And yes, I know this has not been the first time at the rodeo (so to speak) where the functionality of Liberty Street has been addressed here on Newburgh Restoration. But this is the right time, (as all positive indications are pointing to), where the City is starting to turn a very broad corner again.  It is also a time to not make any more excuses for the fact that Liberty Street has to be marketed and nurtured so that it can serve the needs of the growing number of people that are calling the neighborhoods surrounding it their home. It also definitely has to be a two way street in order for businesses to survive through their growth stage where it takes active participation in utilizing the new shops and services by the residents and visitors too.


Something that we continually hear about on Newburgh Restoration is how residents of the community miss the Moo and Oink that was on the corner of Liberty and Washington Street. That was  years ago. It was underutilized by the community and hence shuttered, so now it’s time  to move forward. That does not necessarily mean think BIG just yet! Of course the thought of a Whole Foods on Broadway is so very nice, but first we have to relearn to walk again, before joining the Olympics. So what would be nice (and needed) is a commited mom and pop operation offering fresh produce, some daily prepared gourmet offerings, and a variety of staple grocery and personal care items and patron friendly/consistent shop hours!!  Now THAT would be a very welcome start on Liberty Street. Oh the joy, to have a place to walk or stroll to at 7PM with our re-usable eco-friendly shopping bag with a shop logo on it. Is that asking too much??


So calling all Newburgh Restoration readers, fans, and both new and seasoned entrepreneurs with vision. The Spring season will soon be upon us and what better time to take a colorful brush stroke on the broad commercial canvas that Liberty Street offers, in order to start and build your desired business while fulfilling the growing staple and retail needs of the community.


Your business can join the ranks of Liberty Street ground breakers like Cafe Macchiato, The Wherehouse, Newburgh Art Supply, Jenny’s Floral Designs, Simple Gifts and Goodies and a few specialty and staple shops that currently call historically significant Liberty Street home.


Your business would be bracketed by the Ritz Theater and the Ann Street Gallery to the North and the “Trending” Heights neighborhood to the South. In between you’ll be punctuated by a National Landmark, Washington’s Headquarters and in the heart of the Washington Park Neighborhood and the brand new East Parmenter enclave.


Along the journey south you’ll be flanked by a variety of well kept and thriving warehouse business like Thronwillow Press, R.I.M Plumbing and Heating and a huge recently purchased warehouse being brought back to life with a major renovation by Atlas Industries.

Joyfully, Newburgh is being re-discoverd again. You can be a part of it and your new business, shop or retail can make history by changing history here. Also, if you choose to take that journey, Newburgh Restoration  will be here with you to support your efforts along the way!