“Snapshot Thoughts” Revitalizing Newburgh: Jenny’s Floral Design


This week I had the pleasure to introduce myself, (as a contributing writer on Newburgh Restoration) to Jenny O’Connor, owner of Jenny’s Floral Design, located at 85 Liberty Street (on the corner of East Parmenter St). My mission was two-fold. Naturally I was excited to visit her absolutely beautiful shop and secondly, I wanted to very simply ask her if she would share a personal thought or action with regards to Newburgh’s continuing revitalization.


Jenny cordially expressed that being she was from Ireland, she brought with her a respect for the significance of history and architecture and it was these qualities she felt existed in Newburgh. Those qualities played a part in locating her business here. She also said she felt that Liberty Street (and the city in general) was a diamond in the rough. And she now feels that since the shop opened a few years ago the rough diamond is now getting a bit more polished.


Jenny also conveyed that she is looking forward to the arrival of the warmer Spring weather so she can display her floral designs and unique gift items creating a burst of color and texture to the Liberty Street sidewalk in front of her shop. She feels the displays encourage a healthy message of Newburgh’s revitalizing future. She also smiled as she told me how rewarding it is when new customers enter her shop for the first time (who may have come to visit Washington’s Headquarters) and ultimately leave Newburgh with a more positive image of the city because they discovered  her shop (among others) on Liberty Street.

For more information you can visit Jenny’s Floral Design Facebook fan page or go to www.jennysfloraldesign.com. Also, look for future “Snapshot Thoughts”…Revitalizing Newburgh posts in the future.

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  • Jenny’s done my wedding flowers, she’s done my friend’s wedding flowers, she’s done almost a million (ok, I exaggerate) events that I have been to…and always with fabulous, out-of-the box-designs! And, of course, I just go in to say hi and listen to that gorgeous Irish accent…;)

    A true treasure on our little Liberty St!

  • Thanks for sharing that Hannah. It’s great to hear that the community has supported the creative efforts of hard working business owners who want to not only grow a healthy business but strive to be part of the forward moving vision for the city’s future!

  • Hi Hannah….thanks for sharing that. I think it’s great to hear the community support the outstanding creative efforts and hard work of gifted business owners, who are not only trying to build a healthy business, but also are working to continue to drive the revitalization of the city in a positive direction for the future!