A slice of good taste off the beaten path: Washington Heights Pizzeria


When in “discovery mode”,  sometimes you have to stray off the beaten path to stumble upon a noteworthy place that deserves recognition and  a “shout-out” to Newburgh Restoration followers. I traveled to Newburgh last week in order to tend to business regarding the purchase of my rowhouse on Overlook Place, (A “Needy Rowhouse” update  will be posted here early next week regarding that), when the explorer gene in me kicked into high gear.  After my appointment with an electrician was completed, I then headed on a much anticipated diversion along Overlook Pl in the direction of Monument Street in order to basically “historic rowhouse stalk”. It did not disappoint as my stroll took me past a myriad of row and Victorian style houses with a good number of them, I am pleased to say,  in decent to well kept condition.

My journey would include checking out a little eatery that I had put on my radar since discovering the Heights neighborhood last November. That place is called Washington Heights Pizzeria, located on the corner of South Lander Street and Overlook Pl. I had saved my appetite (missing breakfast) to make sure I could grab a couple of slices there and not feel guilty about doing it.


On my way there, I stopped to have a pleasant conversation with a gentleman doing some early spring yard clean up in front of his extremely well kept rowhouse (with a gorgeous cornice, I must say), who had told me he’d been born some 50 years prior in that house. He and his wife had moved back there after inheriting it from his mom. When I told him I was also purchasing a home on Overlook too, he shared helpful information with me in addition to describing the renovations and rehabs that were recently completed on his street (pure joy for me). Naturally good comes with some disappointment, as he also explained that a few of the homes had deteriorated over the last few years too (Pioneers take note….that spells  more opportunity!!).


But back to my post, (I love to stray), regarding Washington Heights Pizzeria! I turned onto South Lander St and was treated to an attractive commercial exterior. Seeing this cozy pizza restaurant conform to the historic nature of the Heights neighborhood, with vintage detail on the facade like dental molding and simple yet tasteful carved signage, was a pleasant surprise. As I walked into the place one can’t help but notice that the interior of this little oasis is bright, spotlessly clean and super cheerful with just a few comfortable booths and framed baseball memorabilia on the walls. Naturally for the pizza lover in me it offered a staple yet good variety of basic pizzas (nothing too designer but with ample toppings) plus wings, heroes, finger foods and more. As for my Brooklyn pizza loving heritage well, I will always be spoiled by the Borough of Kings. But, this was definitely worth the walk off the beaten path. Just for the record, my two slice order, could have easily become three if I didn’t exercise some restraint. Check out Washington Heights Pizzeria, 102 South Lander Street. Eat in or take out, but no delivery service. And worth the walk to appreciate the vintage architecture along Overlook Place!

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  • Great to see this positive, upbeat piece about Newburgh

  • Thanks Allan…It was great writing a post about revitalization and good taste…that happens to taste good too!!! 🙂

  • This pizza place is like a time machine to me. I played in the basement of this building in the early 40’s with the Hyser Boys. The boys folks ran a general store upstairs which is now the Pizza place. All the Hyser boys have since died as I found out when I came back up to NY to run the tour boat Commander on the Hudson from 2002-2008. I stopped by Overlook Place and checked out the three homes I lived in on Overlook before my Dad built out new home out by Stewart AFB in 1949. Right across the street there is a large grass yard and two story brick home what was owned by Dave Robinson. My Grand folks took care of Dave and he gave them a place to live. My family lived in that house too when the war ended and there was a housing shortage. What memories these pictures bring back and I thank you for that.