Diary of a “NEEDY” Rowhouse…It’s Electric, boogie-woogie-woogie


Dear Diary, at this point you probably feel my fingers strumming a rhythmic beat (in between keyboard strikes) on my computer.  And why might you ask?  Well… it’s because of my anticipation regarding  “the prolonged waiting for a closing date” in purchasing my needy rowhouse on Overlook Pl.   In fact, the last time I wrote a post regarding this subject (this will be the 6th one for you Newburgh Restoration followers) was March 14th, and I could not even remotely have imagined that I’d be writing this one with a third of April gone, and still NO CLOSING DATE!!!!

OK Diary…that actually felt good getting  all that angst out of my system (LOL).   But now back to the facts.  It turns out that the city inspection of the boiler and chimney venting (that I wrote  about in my 5th Needy Rowhouse post),  did not go without repair issues that were sited during the inspection.   Again, to clarify, any issues that turn up with an open permit item (in this case for the new boiler installation) and was not closed out by the city prior, becomes  the responsiblity of  the current owner (the seller in this case) in order to remedy  the issues sited.

So pay attention readers (who are potentially considering to buy or sell in the near  future)  to this recap.   If transferring a property in the city, ANY OPEN PERMITS “that have not been filed as completed”, will need to be addressed prior to closing and a property CANNOT transfer ownership till they are inspected and ANY issues found MUST be remediated and approved with a final inspection so that a certificate of compliance can finally be filed in the city.  And this could easily delay a closing if issues surface.   The GOOD NEWS regarding my rowhouse is that it FINALLY  did pass this week (after a second inspection needed to be conducted)!


Also Diary, I’d done my homework when my own property inspection was completed after I first went into contract on the house (as  I also highlighted in an earlier entry here). I knew I would be facing important electrical work that I wanted to have done. That new work  included a new outside entrance cable, new meters and breaker boxes and increased capacity for safer and better service for my tenants (when they become my tenants). I had researched a number of possibilities, also with understanding that an electrician MUST be licensed in the city of Newburgh in order to satsify code. I untimately found Fetzer Electric LLC, and happy I did! (Fetzer is an Angie’s List award winner with a number of reassuring testimonials). Most importantly it is about professional, friendly and timely service that makes a difference. I had felt that from initially speaking to Sheri in administrative and scheduling and then of course with my actual recent meeting with the electrician John Mottolese (pictured here with his assistant Ernesto Gusman) for a very detailed and educational consultation at my needy rowhouse.


So Diary,  I’ll try to patiently wait for that “ellusive” actual closing date (strumming fingers starting in that rhythmic beat again).   But in the interim, I can take  comfort in looking at this recent picture I took of beautiful Overlook Pl.    And  I’ll just continue to wait for that day I can proceed to dance, “the ELECTRIC slide…boogie, woogie-woogie”. Till then, remember I HEART Newburgh!

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  • Looking forward to your closing and having a chance to finally meet you. You seem to be doing everything by the book which is admirable. look forward to seeing a new porch on the place (as I had done last summer and Tom the neighbor between our houses is going to be doing this summer. That will make 3 great row house in a row. Having the front of my house painted in a month or so. Got approval from the ARC and have the paint-beige and moss green. let me know if you are doing any planting in front. This weekend, a neighbor and I are going to an auction place near Newburgh and buying alot of stuff for very reasonable price.

  • Thanks for the recommendation of Fetzer Electric. I have to improve the chimney ventilation in the mechanical room at a two-unit property I own in the City and wondered who you used to do that at your property on Overlook?

  • Hi Yaakov…I truly look forward to meeting you too. Regarding the house, I’ll have to take small steps with the projects at first. I need to address the electric upgrades first and foremost. But If you gentleman are getting anyone in to work on the front gardens, please, let me know. I would like to see that compact “vest pocket garden” get dressed up by late Spring/early summer. I’ll be all ears after I close on the house and would like to tap on your resourses and knowledge as this all comes together. I honestly wish I had the parlor floor delivered vacant at closing (I really tried to make that happen). My hope were to have a place to come and go and base myself out of as I fixed up that parlor floor (paint, upgrades, have the floors refinished etc) and do some exterior work & upkeep. But I am planning on having a positive impact with my compact urban rowhouse in the long term. As it is a path, I have long hoped to achieve 🙂 Again Yaakov, any information you can give me after I close will be VERY much appreciated!!!!

  • Hi Yaakov. I truly look forward to meeting you too. And YES any direction/information you can give me after I close on the house will be truly appreciated. I have hopes in making it a more attractive rowhouse over time. And YES I do want to do something with that compact “vest pocket” garden area up front. Again…ANY contacts or input you can pass along to me with your experience there will be VERY much appreciated!!!! 🙂

  • Good evening Yaakov…thank you and I really look forward to meeting you too! I hope to work on some projects over time. I’ll have to concentrate on that electric work being done first. But YES, I do want to do something attractive with that front “vest pocket” garden area. Curb appeal is so important when delivering a message of revitalization in my books too and it is small and simple enough to easily make a statement. I truly had hoped to have the parlor floor apt delivered vacant at closing so I could come and go and refurbish that space (along with some outside projects), but unfortuantely that did not happen Again Yaakov, I am truly hoping you (or any of the other neighbors) can share your knowledge ,contacts and experiences. I will be ALL EARS! Having this compact rowhouse is a goal I have long hoped to accomplish. 🙂

  • Mike: I feel your pain. I had to go through hoops to get my house. Had to pay cash. Had to wait until the sitting tenant was out (they tried to have me buy it WITH the tenant still there). Had an accepted offer in June 2012 and didn’t close (on a cash deal) until the Ides of March, 2013! It has been an interesting experience, some good, some leaving me with a “What have I gotten myself into?” feeling, but that passes quickly. I think the poor old house knows that, for the first time in a long while, someone cares about it. Good luck! I hope you have closed by now or will soon. If you check out the restoration articles about my house on Chambers Street, you’ll see I had some floors done and they came out very well. I used Shane’s Hardwood Floors. If you Google that, you’ll get the site. Again, best of luck from a new Newburgh homeowner.

  • Mike, what is the current status. We are getting worried. We see the for sale sign back up. Hope the red tape has been worked through and you have closed and work will soon begin on the exterior.