Real Estate: 155 Grand St $41,000

155 Grand St Newburgh NY

Here is a home on Grand Street that has seen better days which, is probably a reflection of the price. This is a large home that unfortunately was cut up in to many different units, and not done well. There are a total of 4 units in this home. Probably way too much. But, for anyone with a roomy budget this home could be made to shine once again as there are still many original details that one can work with. There are some gorgeous homes on Grand Street. The house is being sold AS IS.

155 Grand St Newburgh NY
Asking Price: $41,000
Year Built: 1890
Size: 3,030 sq ft
Taxes: $8,327
Neighborhood: MGL
Distance to NYC: 55.9 mi, 1 hour 3 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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155 Grand Newburgh

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  • Yikes, $8,327 in taxes for a 41K house? What the City of Newburgh needs badly is a huge source of business tax revenue to take the burden off residents. With more businesses = more jobs = higher income = less residential taxes

  • 8,327$ in taxes for a 41K home! Yes that is what keeps discouraging me from moving to Newburgh, the commute and ridiculous high taxes, Mount Vernon is becoming a better option, too bad because NEwburgh is just too beautiful but the taxes are out of control.

  • True good point made, did not consider that! Say they make me an offer on this same home I can pay 6000-6500 tops but after this amount it becomes a burden! Hey is 62 Benkard still available?

  • I sent your request to the listing agent. Hopefully she will get back to you, but I think it sold.