New Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant: Nimai’s The Bliss Kitchen


After a few setbacks, the empty diner on 9W is finally almost on the verge of opening to be a new restaurant once again! Many of you have mentioned the lack vegan and vegetarian options in Newburgh. Nimai’s the Bliss Kitchen will be a new option for you. What is interesting about this venture is that it was started by a family of doctors, looking to give their patients and Newburgh an affordable, tasty, and healthy place to eat. Dr. Raval is a pediatrician that works in Newburgh. Talking to various people he found that many people have the misconception that vegetarian diets lack protein and iron. At Nimai’s the Bliss Kitchen they are looking to prove that a plant based diet does not have to lack flavor.


The Raval’s are Indian, however the restaurant will be multi-cuisine. Dishes will be vegan and vegetarian along with an assortment of soy based “meat”. There will also be fruit and vegetable smoothies. Lunches will run $8-$10 and they hope to be open by the end of the month.

New Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant: Nimai's The Bliss Kitchen


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  • This is so exciting! I’ve been wondering what’s going on with that building. My best friend is a vegan and its often hard to find a place where we can both find something to eat. I’ll be watching for the opening!

  • Kudos to the Raval brothers for moving forward despite so many obstacles…look forward to the grand opening!

  • As a Newburgh resident AND a vegan, I’ve gotta say this: YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. There are so few vegan dining options in the City of Newburgh. My husband and I are looking forward to plenty of meals out at Nimai’s!

  • Alfonso Ugarte is the head chef of this new place. His natural delights foods are out of this world. Can’t wait to visit this new place. When do they open?

  • Every workday I drive by this restaurant with hope that this day will be the day they open. Can you give us an update about what the new holdup is? It looks great!