Spring Power Walk: Enjoying “Rooms with a View”


With the mid-Spring warmth FINALLY trying to settle in, what better time than now to put on comfy sneakers or shoes and head on over to Bay View Terrace in the  Heights for a healthy and visually stunning power walk taking in the Bluffs and Newburgh’s special urban charms.

Start at the corner of Overlook Place and Bay View Terrace, tightly lace those shoes and head south. Take in the truly magnificent views and absolutely gorgeous vintage one of a kind Victorians and historic Row houses that line this broad and airy much loved street.


Many of the homes here are not only architectural gems but also represent some of the most aggressive revitalization efforts of “Newburgers with Vision”. They are not only “Rooms with a View” to the fabulous Hudson Vistas, but also “Rooms with a View” to  cultivating your own interest in Newburgh’s hopeful future!


Continue your power walk by taking a right turn onto Liberty Street. Following along Liberty Street you will see a myriad of well kept Rowhouses and refurbished Folk Victorians along with examples of aggressive efforts by Habitat for Humanity and invevitabley some “rescue me” homes that cry to be someone’s restoration project and may intrigue the “inner pioneer” in some of you.


Make a right turn onto Carson Ave which will follow along onto River View Place and back to Overlook Place and Bay View Terrace where you began. Now at that starting point TURN AROUND and head in the opposite direction to repeat a reverse journey. The view along Bay View Terrace heading north is equally incredible.  Plus it may allow you to notice different aspects of those absolutely beautiful homes along the way.


Remember to take bottled water as it is always important to hydrate. Don’t forget your cellphone or a digital camera to possibly capture a special view of the bluff to share with your friends on facebook. And maybe pay the message forward that Newburgh and the efforts of many are so worth investing in its future.

At the end of your power walk, reward yourself by heading on over to one of the fine Newburgh eateries for a fresh salad and a well earned moment to relax and enjoy your… “YOU TIME”!