Home Renovation Adventures: Cleaning up the Yard


We have been following Bob and his home renovations adventures on Chambers Street. So far he has done a lot of work to the interior of his home. He is still working fervently, now paying attention to the exterior.


As Bob said, “There were many bikes and parts strewn about, along with a lot of branches and logs and other trash. The remaining bikes are now in one area, which, as you’ll see, was previously piled up with branches. The wood has been put into a consolidated neat pile and is being removed slowly but surely.”


Here is his new neighbor whom he affectionately called Woody, but his sister calls Chuck.


This is the same corner with all the debris removed. Paying attention to the exterior façade of a home is so important when renovating a home. It shows that you are an active member of the community and encourages others to keep up their homes as well. Thanks for sharing Bob!

If you would like to share your own home renovation adventure photos, please email me.


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