Newburgh Business Profile: American Icon Screen Printing


Quality – Integrity – Service – Hudson River Style

Few businesses lend themselves to urban revitalization more than those interwoven with the creative arts.  American Icon Screen Printing is such a business.  Off of the beaten path, the shop is tucked away in an old industrial building near the foot of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.  Two independent thinkers, with a DIY approach, decided to take matters in to their own hands by providing efficient, common sense production of printed apparel right here in Newburgh.


And produce they do. AI’s multiple-automatic press setup allows them to service anywhere from a dozen-shirt order from a local band, business or nonprofit to a corporate client needing 5,000+ shirts.  Thanks to their mantra of “Quality – Integrity – Service – Hudson River Style”, their clientele runs that gamut. Co-owner Rob Kucharek, formerly of the punk band Autopilot Off, believes that the keys to their success are universal (but not necessarily common) business ethics such as constantly striving to produce the best product and frequent communication with clients and business affiliates.

Beyond that, however, Kucharek adds that it all must be done while “paying homage to the great industrial meccas that have thrived historically in Newburgh and along the Hudson River”. Pride of place is integral to American Icon.  All core staff are Orange County natives, except owners Kucharek and his best friend and business partner, Andy Camay, both originally from Binghamton. They relocated to Orange County in the early 2000s and sought out Newburgh for its affordable industrial space and central location near multiple transportation hubs.  They’ve been at their current location since day one, which was eight years ago this past April.


Shop owners Andy Camay and Rob Kucharek


“…there is a certain pride that comes along with being in Newburgh”

– Rob Kucharek, co-owner, American Icon Screen Printing


Of Newburgh, it would be a disservice to paraphrase Kucharek: “I think there is a certain pride that comes along with being in Newburgh. It is such a diverse place that has seen the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. I am fascinated with the fact that it was such a major hub for manufacturing throughout history, and admittedly have an inexplicable love affair with the Hudson River.” Well said.

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