Rescue Me: 128 First Street

128 First Street Newburgh

This house at 128 First Street is stunning in the bright rays of the sun. It just needs some one to come and rescue it. This is another home owned by Kenna Enterprises. It was sold for $45,000 in 2003. Today it sits vacant and abandoned. This property is close to Robert Fontaine’s carriage house that he is restoring, La Vida Garden, and some nicer buildings at the end of Chambers Street. The area to the left of this building is on the Greater Newburgh Partnership’s greening projects radar. It might become a community garden in the future. Something to keep an eye out for if 128 First Street interests you.

Newburgh is New York State’s second largest historic district after NYC. Newburgh literally has hundreds of dilapidated and abandoned buildings just begging for someone to come scoop them up and restore them. I’ll continue to post my own photos, but if you have a particular building you would like to see saved, email me the photo of any building you appreciate that you would like to see rescued!

128 First Street Newburgh, Map

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