City of Newburgh Now on Google Maps Street View

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Before it seemed as though Google Maps Street View had completely bypassed the City of Newburgh as if it wasn’t important enough to include. Now, pretty much every street has been captured making it easy to view homes and gawk at architecture. And I must say, the quality of the images are pretty amazing. It is just another step in the right direction to allow others to discover Newburgh.

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  • Born and raised in this wonderful city on the Hudson. It has gone through some major ups and downs.

  • Newburgh Food Co was featured on YNN cable news at the new location at Calvary Pres Church on Monday night. The video is available on their website.

    Despite the holiday, members turned out to collect their cases of Harney green teas in glass, Smoked shrimp in salt from Maine, local eggs, fresh herbs and vegetables, fresh peaches, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, Organic Valley half and half and so on.

    The celebratory mood was enhanced by homemade saffron coconut cake, hummus and pita, handmade biscotti with dates and nuts as members munched on refreshments provided by one of our talented culinary professionals.

  • Yay! I have been admiring Newburgh from afar but Google was making it difficult.

  • This is certainly a welcome treat. Thank you Cher for posting!

  • looking for newbourgh in castle hills road